Our history, like many of the families in Oklahoma, started with the land rush, cattle drives pushing north from Texas, and the search for a better life. After years of migrating within the United States, our family found the extreme southwest corner of Oklahoma, the “empire” of Greer County, to be home.

Located directly between Amarillo and Oklahoma City, 15 miles south of Old Route 66, you will find J-Buckle Ranches nestled in the same place where the family started over 100 years ago. Even though we have had different farm and ranch names, we’ve continued the tradition of hard work and excellence to this day.

How did we choose our name?

During cattle drives from northern and central Texas to Dodge City, Kansas in the late 1870s, a few cowboys were impressed with the good, tall grass in what is now Mangum, Oklahoma. They would let cattle in poor condition remain behind in the Mangum area, while the healthier cattle continued to Kansas. Cowboys were left behind to tend to the animals and soon ranches were established in Mangum.

The brand of one large cattle company was the letter J and then a buckle. This outfit became known as the JayBuckle. Their foreman kept their cattle near a spring four miles north of the present town of Reed. This spring is known today as J-Buckle Springs.

J-Buckle Springs was established in the Indian Territory (Greer County, Oklahoma) around 1901. Its purpose was to provide much needed water for the settlers. Before the settlers, the Native Americans utilized the water source. As the years rolled by, J-Buckle Springs became a local attraction. It is still operating today, providing needed refreshment to the local population and is a landmark that is part of our home. In this true tradition, we are named J-Buckle Ranches.

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